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Trip to Sundown 27.6.18

On Wednesday 27th June Reception class went on a trip to a magical adventure land called Sundown. We had so many new experiences. We went into storybook village where we could try the chairs in the seven Dwarf’s house and play the piano in the Three Little Pigs House. We saw the big bad wolf in Grandma’s house and stirred the porridge in the Three Bears House. We enjoyed lots of wonderful rides. We had a tractor ride taking a trip around the English countryside, a Jolly Pirate ride where we were splashed with a little water. We travelled through Sherwood forest aboard the Robin Hood Ride. We went into Lollipoppet castle with all it’s wonderful smells of candy. In the Angry Birds activity park we took a spin on Okie Yolkie ride and bounced along on the Giddy Piggies ride. We explored Fort Apache where we could swing, climb, slide and explore, great for our physical development. We had such a wonderful day with fun, laughter and smiles. Many of us fell fast asleep on the coach coming home, exhausted but happy!

Fun in the Sun

Today (8.5.18) was a beautiful sunny day. This afternoon we had such fun in the sun. take a look at our outdoor activities.

Dog's Trust

Today (22.3.18) Laura Jane from Dog's Trust brought Winnie the pug into school. We acted out a story about caring for a dog that had been abandoned. Mohammed dressed up as Mitch the dog, Lola was the helper from Dog's Trust, Faith was the vet and Raiah was the dog groomer. Lexi and Areej were visitors to the re homing centre and they decided to take Mitch home and look after him! We have learnt about staying safe around dogs when we are out and about. We all had the opportunity to give Winnie a little stroke and then sensibly washed our hands. We really enjoyed having Winnie in our class today.

Thorton Hall Park Farm-March 2018

A brilliant visit to the farm with lots to see and do. We fed baby calves and baby goats, collected eggs from the hen house, saw cows, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, rabbits, ducks and guinea pigs. After lunch we played in the playground, sand pits and drove tractors around the yard. Donna was our guide and she said we were very well behaved, good listeners and very brave.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Today Catherine from Tiny Tales and Tunes came to visit us in school. We listened to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We had such a lot of fun pretending to be the characters from the story. We danced and sang using scarves, pom poms and the parachute. We had a wonderful time and look forward to Catherine's next visit.

Number work January 2018

In Reception we have been involved in practical activities that involve addition. Take a look at us working.

The Magical Christmas Tree Nativity 2017

The children all participated in their first nativity and they were very confident in front of their audience. We had some fabulous singing and some budding actors! The children were brilliant especially as they have only been in school for about 10 weeks!

Songs from the Christmas Nativity 2017

Our Christmas nativty songs from "The Magical Christmas Tree" were fantastic. We hope you enjoy them!

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The Three Little Pigs

Today Catherine from Tiny Tales and Tunes came to visit us in school. She told us the story of 'The Three Little Pigs.' We had such a lot of fun. We used puppets to bring the story to life and real life straw, sticks and bricks. We danced and sang as part of the story. We used the parachute, scarves, pom poms and musical shakers. Catherine said we were all 'Superstars'

Spooky Dress Up Day- 3rd Nov 2017

The children were able to drss up in their spookiest costumes- dont' they look great ?

Autumn in the Nature Garden

We have been learning about the changes that autumn brings. We went into the nature garden in small groups. We had a list of things to find and ticked them off when we found them. We found different coloured leaves, pine cones, acorns, twigs and lots more. This led to lots of talk about autumn.

Starting School

We would like to say a big 'Thank you' to all our Reception parents and children for welcoming us into your homes when we undertook home visits. We were made to feel welcome and it was a pleasure to meet the children in their home environment. The children are now settling well into school and we would like to share some photos of some of the activities we have been doing in the first two weeks. We have spent time in our outdoor classroom. We have enjoyed the shop and mud kitchen. Inside the classroom we have been exploring the different areas of provision.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

On Wednesday 5th July Reception class went on a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. At the wildlife park we saw so many different animals. We saw lions, tigers, rhinos, giraffes, camels, meerkats, lemurs, squirrel monkeys, wallabies., polar bears, otters, to name but a few. It was a wonderful opportunity to see some of these animals up so close.We enjoyed a play in the outdoor play park. Many of us fell asleep on the coach on the way home. We were so tired after all the walking and fresh air!


Today we let our butterflies free! We have watched them change from tiny caterpillars, form a chrysalis and finally emerge into beautiful butterflies. Today was a special moment letting them fly free!


This week we have been adding in our number lessons. We added the two numbers together when the dice were rolled together on the interactive whiteboard. Some of us did our adding in the water tray. We fished out two ducks and wrote down their numbers to make a number sentence. We then wrote the answer. Take a look at our photos!


This week we have been working with our carpet buddies to practise our writing. We have been writing lots of our high frequency and tricky words. We worked with our partners so we could help each other. One of our writing tasks this week was to write a list of items we would take with us on an expidition to the jungle. We worked with our carpet buddies again so we could support each other. We used our phonics really well to support our writing.

Trip to Thornton Hall Park Farm- March 2017

Reception class enjoyed a trip to Thorton Hall Park Farm, near Skipton. We had a fantastic day being shown around the farm by Donna. We bottle fed the calves and lambs, hand fed the llamas, goats, donkeys and horses. We saw pigs, cattle, alpacas, deer, rabbits,guinea pigs,chickens and the sheep dog, Mickey. All the children were very excited as it was their first trip. Their behaviour was outstanding on the coach and throughout the day. They listend well, were confident and calm around the animals and even got to play on the slides, bouncy tractor and in the straw maze and sandpits. A fabulous day, which ended with most children (and a few adults) falling asleep on the coach trip back to school!

Dog's Trust

On Monday 27th February we had a visit from the Dog's Trust. We were very lucky to meet Winnie, a two year old pug and her owner Laura.We learnt about how we can keep dogs happy and healthy. We all had the opportunity to stroke Winnie gently on the top of her head. Of course we all had to wash our hands afterwards! When it was time for Winnie to leave we all received a sticker and a certificate. Take a look at our photos.

The Gruffalo's Child

One of the stories we have been reading this half term is 'The Gruffalo's Child by Juilia Donaldson. We enjoyed the story very much. We have drawn our own story maps, made the Gruffalo's child out of playdough and built a cave for the Gruffalo's child using our big build equipment in the outdoors. Outside we also put on our wellies to do some footprints just like in the story. Today stickman appeared in class and he is lost. we are going to write a letter to the Gruffalo's child to tell him where he is. We will let you know if he finds him!

Our First Nativity

All the children in Reception took part in a Christmas play called "Our First Nativity". They did very well, learning songs, actions and taking on the roles of different characters in the story. We hope you enjoyed it.

Bonfire Night

During our first week back after half term we had a very busy week talking about halloween and bonfire night. We read together 'Room on a Broom' by Julia Donaldson. We then made our own magic potions in our outdoor classroom. We used lots of different coloured powder paint and then the children added leaves, stones and special bits of treasure! We said 'Izzy whizzy let's get busy.' We created some lovely pictures of fireworks using a stamper made out of straws. We have made a lovely display outside our classroom. We also used the chalks outside to chalk firework pictures on the ground.

Trip to the Nature Garden

This week in school all the children have visited the nature garden to look for signs of autumn. We collected leaves that had started to change colour. We found orange, brown and yellow leaves. We saw lots of berries on the trees for the birds to eat. We found apples on the floor which had dropped from the tree. We collected signs of autumn with our partner and brought them back to class to show our friends. We did some number work using autumn leaves. Look at our photos.

European day of languages 26th September

Today in class Mrs. Goltowska taught us the polish words for hello, goodbye and thankyou. Hello is 'dzien dobry', thank you is 'dziekuje' and goodbye is 'dowidzenia' We tasted some polish sweets and polish dumplings. After eating the dumpling Abdulrahman said 'That was yummy, really yummy. Take a look at our photos .

Reception Class 2016-2017

We would like to say a big 'Thank you' to all our Reception parents and children for welcoming us into your homes when we undertook home visits. We were made to feel very welcome and it was a delight to meet the children in their home environment. The children are now settling well into school and we would like to share some photos of some activities we have been doing in our first two weeks in school. We have enjoyed time in our outdoor classroom, we have planted some lovely plants in wellington boots and we have been reading the Story 'The Little Red Hen'. You can see the hens we made out of playdough!

Graduation Ceremony July 2016

This is the first graduation ceremony to be held at Quarry Mount and what a lovely event it was. The children made their own mortar board hat, sang songs "In our Class we're Superstars" and "Finishing Reception", received certificates and celebrated with juice, cake and biscuits. Thank you to all the parents who turned up to watch. Here is the video presentation of the children in their mortar board and gown. What a beautiful class- how grown up do they look?

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Parental involvement strategies used in Foundation Stage 2.

Here are some of the strategies we use in our Reception class to involve our parents in their children's learning. Any further suggestions are welcome. Please contact Mrs Robinson.