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Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to Quarry Mount Primary School.

We have a strong partnership with parents, which is vital to our success.  By working together, our pupils are able to reach high levels of achievement. Our curriculum is rich and diverse which reflects heritage and cultures of the children we teach.  We pride ourselves on having a warm, welcoming atmosphere where learning is enjoyable and children blossom.  Teachers enjoy greeting parents before and after school each day, as it means that we can respond swiftly to any concerns and we can pick up any compliments easily.  If parents need a longer conversation, they are able to make an appointment to see the teacher before or after school so that the teacher's attention can be on the children during school time.

We give children many opportunities beyond the taught curriculum. We hold a variety of after school clubs and are involved in the wider community as a result of ‘outreach’ work done by our Children’s Centre workers and the Pupil Development Centre Team.

We are proud of our school. We will do the best we can for every child that joins us.

Best Wishes

Rebecca Pettman