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Voice of Quarry Mount Spooky Dress up

Children and staff enjoyed dressing up for our Spooky day in school.

Year 1 Reading Council

A lot of enthusiasm came from Year 1. The Dynamic Two found lots of books for their class to read...Frozen...Horrid Henry...animal stories...and some funny books like Animals in Pants!

Year 2 Reading Council

Three very sensible readers spent their time ordering books to read. The bought some bargains and some favourites...like Horrid Henry. They wanted to read the rabbit book thief about a rabbit that likes books more than carrots.

School Council & small group work projects

Jermaine, Adontaye, Travan & Adnan worked with the Youth Inclusion Project to create a rap in support of anti-bullying. They worked with professional recording equipment and came up with the lyrics independently.

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Ruell's book bargains.

Ruell discovered that it was the Big Winter Book Sale at Scholastic books. So, he set about ordering book bargains for all the classes in the school. He used his calculator to see if he had made good choices. Ruell got £600 pounds of books for £80! He got £200 of football books for £20. These were for Year 6 and their playtime coaching course!

Year 3 Reading Council.

The pupils raised £100 to spend on reading books from Scholastic Books. 4 mega-readers from Year 3 got together to choose books for their reading corner. The reading group interviewed their class about books that would be liked. Year 4 said. "Roald Dahl, fairies, magical stories, jokes and books about football skills." The group found all of these types of books and ordered them. Their class were so excited that everyone was reading the books on the first day!

Year 4 Reading Council

Another class felt that they should choose their own books for the classroom and use their knowledge of reading. 5 pupils came together at dinnertime to look through a library of books. The books were from a special book group which specialised in energetic stories for readers. The pupils thought the books were "awesome" and selected £150 of books for their reading corner. The pupils bought from the higher selection as they felt they were better readers and too clever for the beginner's selection. They talked about their choices very sensibly.

Another Reading Council

Year 5 likes what Year 6 had done. So they made a Reading Council to select better books for their class. Here is the Year 5 council. Their book choices were excellent and it helped to get people reading new texts for fun.

Reading Councils.

Year 6 wanted more personal books to read, so they argued their case for money to spend. They used 100 pounds raised by pupils at the Summer Book Fair to research and buy books. Rooa, Bethany, Yesani and Devontai thought about texts that would interest them and others in their class. Their choices were well thought out. They were so excited when the new books arrived!

The School Council

During September children decide if they would like to run for the position of school councillor. Each candiate gives a short presentation to their class and then we hold a polling day where everyone votes for the boy and girl that we would like to represent the class.


Once elected the school councillors attend meetings with our Learning Mentor, Mrs Georgeson, to discuss what changes and improvements the children would like to take place at Quarry Mount. School councillors also help to organise charity events, decide the best way to spend our fundraising and even get involved in the process of interviewing staff! 

Our school councillors

Year 1 - Eva and Amadou
Year 2 - Sarah and Tom
Year 3 - La'Shonte and Giovanni
Year 4 -  Maryam and Ruell
Year 5 - Adanna and Jermaine
Year 6 - Rupa and Ryan