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In Science, we have been investigating how shadows are the same shape as the object that casts it.

Explanation text

Our text for Spring 2 is 'How to Survive Camp Green lake' which links to our current class reader 'Holes'

Fire Island - text map

In Science, we have been learning about light. We have been investigating whether the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection.

Clay pots

For Art we have been designing and making our own Greek pots.


As we are learning about Greece, we used a recipe to make our own delicious Tzatziki. Many children had not tried this before and really enjoyed it! Maybe you could make some at home?


In Science, we have been learning about Electricity. We use the energy sticks to investigate which items in our classroom are good conductors. We have also created our own electric circuits and investigated whether the amount of volts used changes the brightness of a bulb or the sound of the buzzer.

D&T - Ancient Greek Sandal

For D&T, we had to apply a variety of skills to design and make our own Greek sandals. We used cork, foam, cotton, ribbon and sewing skills.

Persuasive letter - text map

Our current unit involves writing persuasive letters. Our model text is written to Mrs Pettman to ask if we can go on a trip to a museum so we can learn about the Ancient Greeks. Can you retell the text using the pictures?

World of Work Week

For World of Work Week we had a visit from a singing workshop, an architect and a doctor. We had a fantastic week and learned a lot of new things about these different career choices.

Year 6
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Total Warrior 2019
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Total Warrior 2019

Year 6 took part in the Total Warrior Junior challenge. We had an AMAZING time and got extremely muddy!

Herd Farm

Year 6 visited Herd Farm so we could learn about the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. We learned how they used different plants and trees to help them survive, we built Stone Age dens, learned how Stone Age tools were made, dressed up, took part in a hunt and had a tour of the replica round houses. We had a fabulous day!


This half term we have been writing explanation texts about compost. We visited Meanwood Valley Farm where they farmers showed us how compost is made and how they use it to grow their crops. We had a fantastic time and loved finding the insects which help aid with decomposition!

Wriggly Roadshow

Year 6 had a very special visit from the Wriggly Roadshow. We were lucky enough to learn all about Skinks, snakes, tenrecs and many other animals. We were very brave and even stroked and held the animals. We had a fantastic afternoon and can't wait to learn more about these wriggly creatures!

Tennis Skills
Spring 1 Homework meny
Year 6's Curriculum Letter
A persuasive letter

We have been learning how to write persuasive letters in our lessons. Many of us chose to write letters to Mrs Pettman asking if we could have a class pet. To help us think of some fantastic ideas we had a very special visit from Molly.

Active learning

In Year 6 we know it is important to stay active and healthy. We try to use lots of practical games and activities in our lessons. Here are some photos of us playing 'hoop hop' to practise identifying main and subordinate clauses and to improve our quick recall of our multiplication and division facts.


In our Science lessons we have been learning about 'Electricity'. We learned how to draw circuits using symbols to represent each object, how to create a working circuit and investigated how the voltage in a circuit may effect the brightness of a bulb or the volume of a buzzer. Some of us even investigated how the length of wire may change the brightness of a bulb. Our favourite lesson was when we used the 'energy sticks' to learn how electricity travelled and to find which items in the classroom were good conductors.


During Gymnastics lessons we have explored balances, travelling and shape. First we used the mats to practise making different shapes with our bodies, holding a balance and transitioning between shapes. We know it is important to point our toes, stretch our fingers, keep our heads up and hold the balance for 3 seconds. We then got the tables out to practise travelling along benches, holding a balance on a piece of aparatus and jumping off whilst landing safely. Our favourite part of Gymnastics was exploring the aparatus and wall bars to find new balances.

Greek Pots

We have been designing and creating our own Greek pots. To do this we researched what authentic Greek pots looked like, learned some new clay techniques and then painted a Greek pattern onto our pot with black paint. We really enjoyed this activity!


We have been learning about the Ancient Greeks. For our writing we learned the skills needed to write a set of instructions. To help us with this we made the famous Greek dip 'Tzatziki' and a 'Greek salad'.

Year 6 home work for the coming term:
Please complete the following pages in your revision book:

Over the Christmas holidays:
Reading: Pages 36-37
Maths: Pages 45-51

Week beginning:
Reading: Pages 38-39
Maths: Page 62

Reading: Pages 32-33
Maths: Page 23

Reading: Pages 34-35
Maths: Page 26

Reading: Pages 42-44
Maths: Page 25

Reading:Pages 45-46
Maths: Page  24

Science Presentations

In Science this half term, we have been conducting a research project about a scientist or inventor. As October is black history month, we chose to research the first African American female to go to space, Mae Jemison. We really enjoyed learning about Mae Jemison and on her birthday, we presented our posters to the class. We had to practise our speaking skills and make sure we engaged the audience.

Steel pans

Every Wednesday afternoon, Year 6 have been learning how to play the steel pans. We are really enjoying our music lessons and feel like we are improving!