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Model text

Our model text this half term is a setting description based on Narnia.


During our P.E. lessons, we have been learning what makes a good balance and using these in our own sequences. We have also been learning how to safely use different apparatus and jump off.

Children in Need

For Children in Need, we dressed up in our favourite fancy dress outfits and brought a £1 donation. We hope you like our outfits!

Model text

Our model text for this half term is based on Beowulf's fight with Grendel.

Year 5 Art

In our Art lessons we have been improving our use of oil pastels. We have practised many different skills including shading and blending.

Science investigators!

In Science we have been learning about Materials and their properties. Some of our children used magnets to find some magnetic items in school.


Year 5 have enjoyed beginning to learn the clarinets this half term. We are also learning how to read music.

Model text

Here is this half term's model text. We will be writing our own story openers.

Year 5 have been on holiday!

Year 5 took a long and luxurious Quarry Mount Airlines flight to Oman! They had a great time role playing being in the airport. Their favourite part was checking in!


Year 5 have watched some eggs hatch into chicks. We have loved having the chicks in our classroom and helping look after them.

Model text

Should Aladdin take the enchanted lamp?

World War 2 day!

For our History day we lived a day in the life of a WW2 evacuee. We started by making our own evacuee tags and gas masks, we learned some WW2 songs, baked using rations, wrote post cards home, learned Morse code and discussed what we would pack in our bags. We had a brilliant day and we hope you enjoy looking at our pictures.


In computing lessons, we have been learning about how people sent private messages in the past (before technology). We have learned about Semaphore which is a way of using flags to send messages to people far away.

World War 2 in Year 5

This half term, we are learning about World War 2. We have been looking at different artefacts from the past and thinking about what they would've been used for.

Space CAMS

In D&T we have designed and created our own moving toys using the CAMS mechanism.

Year 5 Christmas Rap!

Year 5 have written and performed their own rap! We hope you enjoy!

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Year 5's Christmas Songs!

Year 5 wish you all a very merry Christmas!

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Year 5's beautiful brooches!

For Art this half term, Year 5 made their very own Anglo-Saxon brooches. Take a look at their fantastic work!

Newspaper report - Autumn 2 Year 5 text map
Autumn 2 - Curriculum letter
Journey to Jo'burg Model Text
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Journey to Jo'Burg Text Map
Year 5 Autumn 1 Curriculum Letter