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Science: Chicks!

We were so lucky to have Living Eggs with us this half term. We watched with anticipation as all 11 of our eggs hatched into baby chicks. We then spent two weeks caring for them and observing them grow. They certainly became part of our class and left a lasting impression on us all.

Lotherton Hall visit

We visited Lotherton Hall for the day as evacuees from WW2. We all dressed up and took our own ID badges and gas mask boxes. During the day, we had a tour of the hall, took part in first aid and Morse code workshops before air raid siren went off and we were evacuated to the chapel where we sung wartime songs to lift our spirits. We completed the day with a tour of the zoo!

DT Hat Making

What would the children wear to keep warm in Narnia? We looked at products that were already available to inspire our designs for a warm hat. We then practised our sewing skills with running, whip and blanket stitches. Next we measured our heads and made a paper pattern before constructing our hats. We evaluated our final products. What do you think?

Welcome to Year 5

Here are some key pieces of information you will need:

This half term, PE in Year 5 is on Monday and Tuesday. Please ensure you bring your PE kit in on those days.

All reading books are changed each Tuesday and you can bring your reading book in to change it as soon as you have read it.

Homework is collected,marked and given out on a Thursday. Maths homework is set from the CGP Workbook and Grammar is a worksheet. Children also have log on deatils for Times Tables Rock Starts and Education City which they can access to supplement their learning at home.

Each half term you are given a homework menu (see below). Complete the activities on this homework menu to be in with the chance of winning the Homework Champion prize! Ask Mrs Moleele for another sheet if you have lost yours.

Spelling tests are on a Friday. You will receive your new spellings each Friday as well, to practise throughout the week. There are spare ones in class if you have lost yours. 

Our curriulum theme this half term is: Be a Detective! Here is what we will be learning...
Curriculum letter Summer 1 2023

These are the adults in our class:
Teacher (Monday - Thursday): Mrs Moleele
Teacher (Friday): Mrs Clarkson
HLTA: Ms Patel (teaching the class Tuesday afternoon)
You can talk to any class adult if you have an concerns, worries or questions.

Advice for reading at home

Your child will have been sent their home reading book home. This book is colour coded according to their reading level. If you would like to access more books you can do so online at  https://www.oxfordreadingbuddy.com/uk

When you log in, the books you can access are colour coded according to children's reading levels. Please check the colour of your child's home reading book, this will correspond with a number on the Oxford Reading Buddy website. If you are unsure of your child's reading level, please email me – Year5@quarrymountprimary.org.uk

I hope this helps you to continue enjoying reading at home!

Text Map - Summer 1: A losing tale based on George's Secret Key to the Universe. 
This half term, we will using the story of George's Secret Key to the Universe by Lucy and Stephen Hawking to write our own storires set in space. Our main character will have a precious item which is lost or stolen and causes a dilemma. They then have to find the item and 'save the day' before reflecting on what they have learnt from the experience. This is the model text to learn at home...

Text Map - Spring 2: Diary Entry from Anne Frank's Diary.
This half term we are using Anne Frank's Diary to inspire our own diary writing. Anne was a Jewish girl who moved to Amsterdam at the break out of World War Two to escape the Nazi rule. Her family lived in hiding for two years during which time Anne wrote a diary describing her time living in the annex of a warehouse.

Text Map - Spring 1: Story Setting from The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.s 
This half term we are reading Mrs Moleele's all time favourite book - The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. We will writing a description of the setting of Narnia, a magical land that Lucy discovers when she first walks through the back of a wardrobe! We will use our model text to inspire us to write a description of our own story setting. This will involve us applying our knowledge of expanded noun phrases, different sentence openers, figurative language such as personification and punctuation such as colons, to our writing. 

Text Map - Autumn 2: Beowulf
This half term we will be reading the Michael Morpurgo adaption of the epic poem Beowulf. We will be writing a newspaper report about the events in the story before creating our own newspaper report about a fictitious event. We will use our writing skills to include expanded nound phrases, vocabulary to engage the reader and language to make links within and between paragraphs.

Text Map - Autumn 1: Journey to Jo'burg.
Story of a Journey: Opening description. 

Congratulations to Joshua for winning our Homework Champion competition last half term. Joshua made an Anderson Shelter and an illustrated instruction card about how to grow a pepper plant, accompany our Science unit. 
Summer Term 1
This half term, the theme of our homework is Space Exploration to enhance our History and Science units. Have a go at one of the challenges and see if you are voted the Homework Champion. 

Spring 2: Homework Menu:
We had some amazing homework entries for the last half term - knitted hot water bottle covers, embroidery samples and paintings inspired by The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and some lovely story writing. 
I look forward to seeing all our homework projects for this half term and choosing another successful Homework Champion.

Great effort with our homework so far this year. Last term, we had some wonderful models of Anglo Saxon houses and information leaflets about life in Anglo Saxon times. 
I look forward to seeing all your creative homework projects and choosing a Homework Champion at the end of this half term.

Here is our homework menu for Autumn 2.
Keep up the good work completing our creative homework projects and win our Homework Champion prize at the end of the half term.

Here is our homework menu for Autumn 1.
Remember that the best homework wins the Homework Champion prize at the end of the half term!