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Welcome to Year 3
Here are some key bits of information you will need.

PE in Year 3 is on  Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure you bring your PE kit in on those days.
Spelling tests are on a Friday. You will receive your new spellings each Friday as well to practise throughout the week. There are spare ones in class if you have lost yours.
Homework pages will be given out on a Friday. We will mark these each following Thursday.
Reading books are changed each Wednesday.
Each half term you are given a homework menu. Complete the activities on this homework menu to be in with the chance of winning the Homework Champion prize! Ask Mrs Davis for another sheet if you have lost yours.
These are the adults in our class:
Teacher : Mrs Davis
TA: Mrs Gough

You can talk to any class adult if you have an concerns, worries or questions.
Stone Age Weapons

We have been making our own Stone Age weapons this week! We made sticks and stones out of paper mache, painted them then attached them together using techniques that people during the Stone Age used! We've had so much fun making them and even more fun pretending we are Homo Sapiens hunting animals in the Stone Age!

Fabric Leaf Hammering Fun!

This half term, we have been learning about tools that people during the Stone Age used. The clue is in the name...they used stones! We know from evidence from archaeological research that they used stones as hammers so we used our own hammerstones to create leaf hammerings on fabric. We spent time in the nature garden choosing leaves to hammer and even experimented with some flowers!

Stone Age Day

On Wednesday 3rd May, Year 3 had a very special visitor! Dr Henry Jones (Portals to the Past), an amazing archaeologist, came in and talked to us about the Stone Age! He taught us all about how people lived in The Stone Age, what they ate and how they were able to survive. We built our own Stone Henge, looked at some objects and artefacts and took part in a very exciting quiz! What an amazing day we had!

Text Map - Summer 1
We are writing diary entries this half term. We are focussing on The Stone Age Boy. Can you use this text map to help you learn the model text?
Homework Menu - Summer 1
Here are your homework challenges for this half term! Have a go at as many as you can and you may be in with a chance of winning Homework Champion!
Cave Painting!

This half term, Year 3 are learning about The Stone Age! We have been learning about cave paintings and where they have been found. We learned about different prehistoric animals and their names and then had a go at creating our own cave paintings of the animals we learned about. We used out fingers to paint and we only used colours that people The Stone Age had access to, by using natural minerals.

Abbey House Museum

On Friday 31st March, Year 3 visited Abbey House Museum as part of our work about Victorians. Lots of the children dressed up as Victorian children and we had an amazing time learning about how Victorians lived in Leeds!

World Book Day 2023

What a fantastic World Book Day! Here are some of our awesome costumes.

Victorian School Hook

This half term we are learning about Victorians. On Tuesday, we went to get our Writing books and they had disappeared! Instead there was a letter saying that Mrs Davis had been transformed into a Victorian school teacher and we were going to do Victorian school lessons! Instead of our books, we had to use a board and chalk. We had to practise our handwriting and numbers. We also had to stand up to show respect to Mrs Pettman and Mr Dunderdale when they came to visit us. At the end of the lesson, we were very glad we could go back to normal lessons. Victorian school sounds hard!

Homework Menu - Spring 2 
Have a try at some of these homework activities and you will be in with the chance of becoming Homework Champion!
Text Map - Spring 2
We are writing Rags to Riches tales this half term. We are focussing on Oliver Twist. Can you use this text map to help you learn the model text?
Chocolate Making!

In DT this half term, we have been planning and making our own chocolate bars! We found a recipe which included 3 ingredients and made delicious chocolate that included lots of marvellous fillings, just like Willy Wonka's chocolate. As you can see, we absolutely loved our tasty chocolate bars.

Text Map - Spring 1
This half term we are learning how to write setting descriptions. We are reading the book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl and learning a setting description about his most famous factory room...The Chocolate Room!
Homework Menu - Spring 1
Here is our homework menu for Spring 1. Try and complete as many pieces of the homework to be in with the chance of winning Homework Champion this half term!
Papyrus Paper

This half term, we made our own papyrus style paper using a a brown paper bag, glue and lots of sticky hands! It was so much fun! We even wrote our own messages using Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Can you work out what we have written in our secret messages?

Text Map - Autumn 2
This half term we are learning how to write character descriptions. Here is our character description Model Text. It describes the Egyptian God Osiris.
Homework Menu - Autumn 2
Will you be our homework champion this half term? Try and complete as many pieces of homework as you can to gain points!

Spooky Day

On 31st October, we had a super spooky day in school. We did lots of fun activities, including wrapping ourselves up as scary Egyptian mummies! Take a look at our fantastic spooky costumes. BOO!

Autumn 1 - Fact File
This half term we have also been looking at Fact Files. Here is our Model Text. It is a Fact File about Mrs Davis.
Autumn 1 Text Map

This half term we are learning how to write discussions. Here is the text map for our model text 'Should Grace Play Peter Pan?'
It would really help your child's learning in class if you could support them to learn this.
Homework Menu
Here is our homework menue for Autumn 1. Try and earn as many points as you can by completing different pieces of homework. You might win Homework Champion this half term!