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Charlie and The Chocolate Factory - Greenhouse Words

Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Words

Model Text - Spring 1
We are very excited to be learning about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this half term! Our model text is a setting description all about Mr Wonka\'s famous chocolate room!

Spring 1 Curriculum Newsletter
Autumn 2 Spellings


Exploring materials - Today's Science lesson was so much fun! We were investigating which materials were the most reflective. We used a torch, shone it on each type of material and observed which one reflected the most light back. From our investigation, we learnt that the CD and foil were the most reflective materials because they were smooth and shiny!

Features of a Newspaper
In reading lessons, we have been learning about different types of non-fiction texts. This week, we identified the main features of a newspaper.

Ancient Egyptians

In Topic lessons this half term, we have been exploring how the Egyptians lived and comparing it to how we live today. We learn about the shaduf and how the Egyptians would used these to transport water from the River Nile to the land. In DT, we then created our very own shadufs.

Osiris - Model text

We have been working really hard to learn our whole model text about Osiris. This week, we have been practicing it in small groups and in pairs with all the actions so that can use it to help us later with our own writing.

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Egyptian Hook

A mysterious object appeared in our classroom this week. We weren't sure what it was but the strangest thing kept happening. Books kept falling off the tables, things were going missing and we could hear voices on walkie talkies. On Wednesday afternoon, we were locked in our classroom! We found the mysterious object with a note. An Egyptian curse was cast upon us! As a class, we had to work together to solve clues such as cracking hieroglyphics, finding all the Egyptian figure heads and dressing up as mummies before finally the curse was lifted and we were free! It was very scary!

Model Text - Autumn 2

This half term, our model text is all about Osiris, Egyptian God of the Underworld.


As part of our class Hook, Mrs Clayton decided to give out chocolate to the class. However, she only gave the girls the chocolate! We then discussed as a class the arguments for and against this. We agreed that it wasn't fair to only give the girls chocolate, especially if they hadn't earnt it.

Key Information:
  • Reading books are given out every Monday and should be returned on Fridays.
  • Spellings will now be given out on Mondays ready for spelling test the following Monday.
  • PE days are Tuesdays and Thursdays - Please ensure your child is wearing a plain white top and dark bottoms.
Model Text - Autumn 1

In Autumn 1, we are learning a discussion about whether children should have to wear school uniform.