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Buddy the Hedgehog!

Today, Mrs Clayton brought in Buddy the African Pygmy Hedgehog for us to meet! He was super cute. We learnt all about the things he needs to keep safe, warm and we also learnt what Buddy's favourite food was - steak! Mrs Clayton let us all have a little stroke, he felt like rice!

Diversity Day!

Diversity Day is a very important day for our school! We love to celebrate all the different cultures that we have in our area. For Diversity Day, we explored the true meaning of 'diversity' and designed a lightbulb that represented us as individuals. We learnt about the Paralympics during PE and later watched a video about a lady called Zuly Sanguino. She is an amazing artist who paints using her mouth! We then created our own art work using different parts of our bodies. It was very difficult but also great fun!

Native American Dream Catchers

In DT, we made beautiful Native American Dream catchers!

Sports Day

We got to do sports day with the whole of KS2. There was skipping, egg and spoon, football dribbling and relays. Mrs Whittingham gave us all an icepop to cool us down because it was so hot!

Whole School Hook

Today, we flew aboard flight QMAC3 to Dallas, Texas, USA! As we arrived at the check in desks we needed to hand over our boarding cards and passports. After this, we made our way through security, before putting our luggage onto the conveyor belt and through a scanner. After being shown to our seats on the plane, we watched a short safety video and were served duty free during the flight! Following a rather bumpy landing, we made it to Texas!

Virtual Reality!

Without leaving the school hall, we had the opportunity to visit 8 different states across North and South America. We were able to explore the beauty of the Grand Canyon; the skyscape of New York and flew above the Statue of Liberty!

Model Text - Summer 2

This half term, we are learning all about Native America! Our model text is a non-chronological report about one of the biggest and most famous Native American tribes - The Comanches!

Victorian Peg Dolls!

During our Victorian, we made our very own peg dolls.

Victorian Day

We had the best day experiencing school life as Victorian children. As we entered the classroom, we all paid a penny, had our finger nails inspected and were given Victorian names for the day. Madame Clayton was very strict and made some of us stand with the Dunce hat on. During the morning, we practised our handwriting, learnt traditional Victorian rhymes/poems and recalled our timestables. We even tasted a bowl of warm, grey gruel!

Model Text - Summer 1

This half term, our Topic has been the Victorians. For our text map, we have been learning the story of Oliver Twist.

Pneumatic Monsters

Here are some pictures of our fantastic pneumatic monsters that we designed and made for our DT! We based them on our diary entries this half term.

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

As part of our reading this half term, we have been learning about poems. We learned 'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore. Here is our performance. Enjoy!

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A scary tomb!

Effie did this amazing piece of homework this week. It's a mummy in a sarcophagus inside an Ancient Egyptian tomb! Hopefully there's no Egyptian curse in here!

An Egyptian Curse!

Mrs Davis found a strange artefact in school. It set a curse on our class! We had to complete the tasks to free our classroom from the curse. One of our tasks was to create terrifying mummies!

Model Text - Autumn 2

In Autumn 2, we are learning a character description on the Egyptian god, Osiris.

Model Text - Autumn 1

In Autumn 1, we are learning a discussion about whether children should have to wear school uniform.