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Summer 2 2021: Art- Clay Turtles

We had a fun time making our own clay turtles by moulding and sculpting them. We also used carving tools to make patterns on the shell and painted them.

Sports Day 2021!

This week, we had a great time participating in Sports Day. There were lots of different races including running, skipping, jumping and egg and spoon race. Our class participated brilliantly and were very competitive! Take a look at our gallery below. 

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Art- Australian Aboriginal Dot Paintings

In Art, we created dot paintings which were inspired by the dot paintings created by indigenous Australian tribes. These usually told stories and held sacred meanings, can you guess what stories our paintings tell?

DT- Making Fairy Bread

We made fairy bread in Year 2, which is a well-known party dish in Australia. We enjoyed making fairy bread using bread, butter and sprinkles but enjoyed eating it even more so! What a lovely a delicious treat! Why not have a go at making fairy bread at home?

Quarry Mount Airport- Hook

On Friday, we visited Quarry Mount Airport to travel to Sydney, Australia! We flew with Quarry Mount Airlines, what a fantastic experience! We checked in with our passports and boarding passes as well as going through strict security checks. We then boarded the plane and followed safety instructions whilst on flight. Our favourite part was being given some tasty snacks by the lovely flight attendants!

Summer 2 Class text map- Australia
This half-term, we will be learning all about Australia. Our model text is a non-chronological report on Australia, use the text map below to learn it. Have a go at using your own actions too!