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Pupil Premium Strategy 2019-20

Pupil Premium Funding 2019-20

For Years 2 and 6, additional staff ensure all the children are taught literacy and numeracy in smaller groups and receive high quality interventions.
In 2019-20 school received £137,280 which we have used to raise the achievement of pupil premium children through:

  • Direct teaching support – Extra teacher in Year 6 for 2 terms delivering interventions and supporting in class, extra teaching assistant to deliver high quality interventions in Year 2 on afternoons, extra teacher in Year 5 for 1 term to accelerate progress.
  • Removing barriers to learning - Pastoral staff working to support families and those families with children who are persistently absent.
  • Provide more extra-curricular opportunities for PPG pupils, including sports coaches and violin lessons.
  • To increase the % of pupils regularly completing and returning homework, maximizing their learning opportunities through the purchase of specific homework workbooks.
  • Providing individualised programmes of learning and resources for 2 children with SEND (which are also used by other key SEND groups) overseen for one morning by UPS 3 teacher and pupils have full time 1 to 1 support. 
  • Additional needs support is provided by a child psychotherapist (funded by school) and followed up with work from the school behaviour support team.

Pupil Premium Grant Funding, and the impact of it, is reviewed by the governing body annually. Please find previous review documents below. The funding is also reviewed in school by the School Leadership Team on a half termly basis.

Please see the attached documents for information about Pupil Premium: