Key Information  »  Statement of Values and Ethos

At Quarry Mount Primary School:

We want our pupils to feel valued, safe and happy, and to view themselves as learners. Our
HERO concept is a vehicle through which children, staff, parents/carers and Governors show appreciation for a wide range of learning characteristics.


The school celebrates the uniqueness of every individual and values the rich cultural diversity which our community reflects as a fantastic resource which enriches our school.

We want all our pupils to have access to a comprehensive variety of opportunities and to experience success in order to build confidence and self-belief.


A strong emphasis is placed upon developing self-control to enable us all to be the best version of ourselves. To this end, we teach children techniques to help self regulation in our approach to behaviour. This helps children to understand their own thinking, behaviour and consequences, and supports them in making more positive choices.


With regards to both the curriculum and behaviour, we aim to create a climate of positive evaluation where mistakes and self-improvement are a part of learning each day.

We think it is important that all members of the school community have specific responsibilities. This includes leadership at all levels to enable individuals to thrive. Pupils take on the roles of Rainbow Leader, School Council representative and Junior Sports Leaders, and are provided with training to support them in fulfilling positions effectively.


We believe in a genuine partnership between all stakeholders with the interests of the children as our priority.