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Music at Quarry Mount
At Quarry Mount, the intention is for children to gain a firm understanding of what music is. As stated on the National Curriculum, children will be given opportunities to listen, perform and understand how music is made. They will do this through listening, singing, playing, evaluating, analysing, and composing across a wide variety of styles, traditions, and musical genres. Music is taught weekly to each class by ArtForms teachers who specialise in the teaching of music.
Class Instrument/Skill Teacher
Reception Singing Mr Jennings
Year 1 Singing Mr Jennings
Year 2 Singing/Composition Mr Jennings
Year 3 Recorder Miss Freitas
Year 4 Steel Pans Ms Marks
Year 5 Clarinet Miss Freitas
Year 6 Composition/Steel Pans Mrs Jennings/Ms Marks

There are also opportunities for children to recieve extra-curricular. We currently have small group violin, delivered by Miss McNamee and guitar, delivered by Mr Gilgrist. We also have a KS2 choir which takes place every Tuesday lunchtime. Through choir, children have the opportunity to visit the local community. At Christmas, we visited Halcyon Court and performed songs for the residents.

Along with music in class, we have a weekly singing assembly which involves learning how to sing in unison. Some of our favourite assembly songs are:
  • Power in Me
  • Try Everything
  • Reach
  • Firework
  • Superheroes

Last year, we developed our Music Room. Within this room, children have their small group tuition but it is also fully accessible for all classes to explore music in a free-flow way. We have instruments readily available and children have the opportunity to explore the instruments and music at their own pace.