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How we teach Writing at Quarry Mount
Our writing lessons are taught through both elements of Talk4Writing and our own WAGOLL structure approach.

Elements of Talk4Writing structure:
The unit of writing begins with an exciting “hook” that engages the children immediately. These “hooks” can range from the children discovering a mystery object in the classroom, to receiving a letter from a character or even role playing a scene themselves. Teachers create a “model text” that contains all the appropriate aspects for that genre of writing, as well as containing the punctuation and grammar skills the children will be learning. The childreny learn this text off by heart using a “text map”, allowing them to internalise the appropriate syntax and vocabulary linking to the genre. At the next stage of learning, children “hold hands” with the text. They learn the skills that are required to create their own piece of writing, while writing an innovated version of the text parallel to the class teacher. At the final stage of learning, the children “move away” from the model text by applying the structure and all the skills they have learned to an independent piece of writing.

Text map example:

WAGOLL structure:
The unit of writing begins in a similar way to T4W with a “hook” and an exemplary model text. However, rather than learning a text map, the children use “read aloud, think aloud” skills to thoroughly discuss and understand the text, including discussion of vocabulary through “greenhouse words”, words studies and so on. They then identify and discuss the audience, purpose and type of text before going on to learning the relevant skills through “jumpstarter” games and differentiated activities, alongside high-quality ‘guided write’ modelling by the teacher. At the final stage of learning, the children apply what they have learned from the WAGOLL to their own independent piece of Writing.

WAGOLL text example:
Celebrating Writing at Quarry Mount
Each half-term, teachers choose a writer from their class to be the 'Star Writer'. Their work is then displayed in the downstairs hall.

Fantastic Writers: Spring
EYFS - Nathan                                                                Year 1 - Malachi

Year 2 - Eliora                                                                Year 3 - Ayesha

Year 4 - Rekar

Year 5 - Aryam

Year 6 - Tyesha

Fantastic Writers: Autumn
These children all recieved our Writintg award for their hard work this half-term.

EYFS - Fiona                                                                                                  Year 1 - Arsama

Year 2 - Eliza                                                                                             Year 3 - Ariam

Year 4 - Rafeef

Year 5 - Chloe

Year 6 - Diyan