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Hello Year 3,

Well done for all of your hard work during Spring 1. Me and Mrs Gough were so impressed with your home learning! We are now moving into a new half term which means a whole new exciting topic! Have a look at our home learning activities to see what we will be learning about this half term.

If you would like to contact me with some of your work or to ask a question, you can email me using year3@quarrymountprimary.org.uk. We are also using Microsoft Teams now so it would be lovely to hear from you on there! If you have any questions about Teams, please do email me.

Mrs Davis :)
Wonderful Writer
Well done to Daliyah who is our Wonderful Writer this week for memorising the model text and writing it out so beautifully! She has really focussed on the presentation of her work. Keep it up Daliyah!

Star Scientist
Our Star Scientist this week is Faith for her fantastic research about T-Rex fossils. Super work Faith!
Home Learning - WB 1.3.21
Model Text

Here is our model text for this half term.

Diary Entry Model Text
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Our Class Text

In this video, I am reading our class text for Spring 2. It is called Dougal's Deep Sea Diary.

Dougal's Deep Sea Diary
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Home Learning - WB 22.2.21
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Our class reader this half term is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Make sure you come back every day for a new chapter of the story. I know you love knowing how many chapters and pages a book has. This book has 30 chapters (wow!) and 189 pages. I can't wait for us to share this story together! Mrs Davis

Chapter 1 - Here Comes Charlie
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Chapter 2 - Mr Willy Wonka's Factory
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Chapter 3 - Mr Wonka and the Indian Prince
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Chapter 4 - The Secret Workers
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Chapter 5 - The Golden Tickets
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Chapter 6 - The First Two Finders
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Chapter 7 - Charlie's Birthday
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Chapter 8 - Two More Golden Tickets Found
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Chapter 9 - Grandpa Joe Takes a Gamble
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Chapter 10 - The Family Begins to Starve
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Chapter 11 - The Miracle
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Home Learning - WB 8.2.21
Home Learning - WB 1.2.21

Here are all the home learning tasks for this week.

Home Learning - Friday 29th January
Home Learning - Thursday 28th January
Home Learning - Wednesday 27th January
Home Learning - Tuesday 26th January
Home Learning - Monday 25th January
Home Learning - Friday 22nd January
Home Learning - Thursday 21st January
Home Learning - Wednesday 20th January
Home Learning - Thursday 14th January
Home Learning - Tuesday 12th January

Here are the home learning tasks for Tuesday.

Home Learning - Monday 11th January

Please find attached the home learning activities for Monday along with the powerpoint for RE.

Home Learning - Friday 8th January

Here are the home learning activities for Friday.

Home Learning - Thursday 7th January

Here are your home learning tasks for Thursday. Make sure you watch the videos before completing your work.

Home Learning - Wednesday 6th January

Here are your home learning tasks for Wednesday. Remember that when you see the home learning symbol, I would like that piece of work emailed to me by the same day. Today's piece of work to be emailed is Writing.