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Remote Learning for Spring 2 2022

If you are self-isolating/quarantining and you are feeling well, you should try to do some home learning every day. Here are some ideas:

Quarry Mount Weekly Newsletter 16th February 2022
Remote Learning WB 14th February 2022

Well done Reception for working hard at home.

Home Learning Tuesday 15th - Thursday 17th February 2022

Click the PDF link to access the home learning booklet for this week. If you have any questions or would like to share photos of your work, email me at - rec@quarrymountprimary.org.uk - thanks, Miss Meiklejohn

Monday 14th February 2022

Good morning everyone, 

As you know, school is closed for the next 4 days so we will have to do our learning at home. Parents, I thank you in advance for your support at this time.

For today, please complete some learning activities from the menu shared below - Reception Home Learning Spring 1. Today, I will put together a home learning pack for the next 3 days which I will share by the end of the day. This pack will share a range of activities; phonics, literacy, maths and other areas of the curriculum. 

You can send pictures of completed activities to rec@quarrymountprimary.org.uk - you can also email me with any questions.

I am very sad that I will be unable to spend the last 4 days with the class before I start my new job. Please let your children know that I think they are all amazing. It has been a pleasure being their teacher and I am still here for them and you over the next four days for support with home learning. 

Best wishes, 

Miss Meiklejohn

Home Learning Spring 1

If you are self isolating/quarantining and you are feeling well you should try to do some home learning every day. Here are some ideas.

Phonics and Early Reading Resources

Here are some resources to help with phonics and early reading. Phase 2 has been covered in the Autumn term. Phase 3 is for the Spring term. It is important that once the grapheme (sound) has been taught, keep recapping on it frequently to ensure that your child doesn't forget. Some children will not be able to "blend" the sounds together yet but it will happen. Lots of practise of listeing to the sounds being segmented ( ie said one at a time) and then blended together will help them learn to read. Eg : p-e-n =pen

FREE online music sessions provided by Artforms.

Open the document and click the links to listen and watch musicians perform for the children.