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An interview with Linda Clay:

Linda is a volunteer teaching new to English pupils at Quarry Mount. Linda has recently retired from a career in teaching.

1. What other job do you do?
I don’t have a full time job anymore. I have just retired from working as a headteacher in a primary school. Now I have time to work as a volunteer at Quarry Mount. I also get to have fun with my family and friends.

2. What is the best thing about being a school governor?
I am proud of Quarry Mount because Miss Hendley, our headteacher, worked with me when I worked in a school.  I knew that she would be a headteacher in her own school one day and am happy that,  both she chose Quarry Mount and Quarry Mount chose Miss Hendley. I can see for myself what a happy school it is.

3. What is your favourite holiday destination?
My favourite holiday destinations at the moment are Whitby, with its long sandy beaches and Iceland,  with its extreme volcanic landscapes. In Iceland I got to walk on a glacier which was on top of an active volcano. How amazing and crazy is that?