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Steel drums

In our wonderful Music lessons we have been developing our skills on the steel drums.

British Science Week!

For British Science week this year, Year 6 were experimenting with baking. This linked to our Science work on micro-organisms. We had lots of fun making bread in different batches, tasting it and writing down our observations.

Dragon's eggs

As part of our Literacy work this term, we have begun making papier mache dragon eggs. We blew up balloons then coated them in layers of tissue paper and newspaper dipped in PVA glue mixed with water. Our next step is to paint them, we can't wait!

Greek Pottery

Last half term our topic was Ancient Greece. We learned all about Ancient Greek life, as well as about their myths and legends. Here are some of our favourite Ancient Greece-style pots that we made. We couldn't wait to take them home!

Year 5 & 6 Christmas production 2017
Year 6 Autumn 2 Timetable
SPaG is fun!

As part of our discussion text unit, we have learned all about modal verbs. Here are some photos of us placing modal verbs on a continuum to help us decide whether they express certainty or possibility!

Pokemon Go!

In our Literacy lessons we have been learning all about discussion texts. For our "hook" for this topic we played real life Pokémon Go in the playground! Our final discussion text piece will be titled "Should children play Pokémon Go?" and the most improved writer will win an extra Poke-prize!

Magical Maths!

We have been learning lots in Mathematics already this year. We have covered: place value, prime numbers, multiples, factors and sequences! Here are some photos of us having fun with our learning through playing a fast-paced sequencing game!