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Science trip

Year 5 attended a Science discovery trip at Leeds University. We had a fantastic time and learned a lot! Here are some pictures of the experiments we took part in.


Year 5 have been designing and creating their own pancake recipes.

James Nash

This half term, some children from Year 5 have had the amazing opportunity to work with the poet, James Nash. They wrote some fantastic poems about Beowulf and performed them to the class and parents. Well done Year 5!

Day 4 - Welcome to your home.

Today the chicks have been moved into their own home. In their home they have newspaper, sawdust and a light bulb to keep them warm. This needs changing twice a day so it doesn't get smelly. We also need to feed the chicks twice a day and change their water. We have special helpers to do this every day. The chicks are so cute, they love falling asleep then waking each other up with their chirping. We absolutely love having them in our class.

Day 3 - They've arrived!

Today we were welcomed to class by the arrival of our first chick. We decided to call him 'Uno', which means number 1. Throughout the day a total of 11 chicks hatched, 5 boys and 6 girls. We know this because the boys are yellow and the girls are brown. We are still naming them all but so far we have Uno, Hero, Fluffy, Melody, Mabel, Alvin, Dipper and Amber. We have got 3 chicks that still need names. Do you have any suggestions? Our chicks must stay in the incubator for 24 hours. When they are dry and fluffy we can move them into their own home with food and water. We love our chicks so much. Here are some pictures! From Year 5

Day 2 - reading to the eggs.

So far, no chicks have hatched. This afternoon, we tried to encourage them to hatch by reading them different stories. The stories we read are 'Don't Look Down' and 'Hero in Hiding.'

Day 1 - The Journey of our Chicks.

We have just welcomed 12 eggs into our class. At the moment the eggs are being kept in a special incubator so they are nice and warm. The eggs might hatch on Wednesday and Thursday, it is very rare for any of them to hatch on Friday. Unfortunately, not all of the eggs will hatch but we are wishing and hoping that at least 5 do. We are really excited and have already been thinking of some names for them. Keep reading our blog to find more information about the journey of our cute, little chicks! By Arwa, Yafet and Mohamed.

James NashJames Nash worked with a group of children over a series of weeks to produce some wonderful poems! 

The children worked extremely hard and are very proud of their work. 
Sports Relief

To raise money for Sports Relief, Year 5 took part in an obstacle course! They tried their very best and had a brilliant time. Thank you to every body who donated to this brilliant cause!

Year 5 are Scientists!

Year 5 had the fantastic opportunity to attend the University of Leeds and take part in a variety of Science experiments! The experiments included learning about their heart, brains, the life process of beetles, plants, rockets and DNA. We had an amazing time!

Key boards

Year 5 have been learning how to play the keyboards.


Year 5 made some delicious pancake fillings!

Entrepreneur project.

Our final year project was demanding and interesting. We decided to learn about money and publish our own book linked to Science work-- the solar system. In Maths, we studied networks and traversable systems. Then, we used our mathematical knowledge to make a story with a maze network, a puzzle book where the reader selects the story. We assessed our reading by doing a SAT on letters and story telling. We decided to create a storyline using letters . To appeal to readers, we wrote versions with a strong male character and a strong female character. To learn about work, we were paid for the writing and art work that we produced. Throughout the project, we thought about money and kept spreadsheets of our spending. We had to work to a 3 week deadline and get our book to the publisher. We learnt a lot about money and taking risks...like real entrepreneurs. Our final books looked great when they were printed. Have a look at our artwork for the books.

Outstanding end of the year poetry by Joel. This poem reflects his devotion to words and his lingustic and spiritual intelligences.

The Ornithologist
The swan’s feathers shine brightly like the seraphic wings.
Wings look attractive in the glittering sunlight.
Sunlight falls as jewels on the river.
River drags the swan to the path of vitality.
Vitality represents the swan’s freedom.
Freedom produces the swan’s true heart.
True heart supports the swan to become holy.
Holy is the Word that admires the swan.
The pelican’s feathers represents  death.
Death is extinguished by Christ’s blood .
Blood falls as the pelican pecks feathers for its new born.
New born life feels the joy of the Kingdom.
The Kingdom began when the disciples netted nights fish.
Fish: iota , chi, theta, upsilon, sigma-!
Saviour of the world .The community gathers.
Gathers to praise the sublime pelican.
Great poetry writing at the end of the year by Adam. This writing reflects his passion for Science and mathematical-linguistic intelligences.

The dove’s wings sway in the winds.
Winds of Heaven touch its feathers.
Feathers of life fall to the ground.
The ground’s secrets are mysteries.
Mysteries of heaven are unknown.
Unknown is what comes next.
The next move appears with the dove.
Newton sat in his bedroom of thoughts.
Thoughts of God fell into his curly locks.
Locks of Science broke and cracked.
Cracked time flowed from his head.
His head gathered the clouds of God.
God said, “Let Newton be and there was light!”
Light of the spectrum made new by Newton!
International Evening 2015

To celebrate all the different communities that make up Quarry Mount, Year 5 took part in the annual International Evening. Year 5's stall was called the United States of Art. Everyone in the class created a piece of work by a USA artist. Then, Adrian organised a competition for the event. Some people baked healthy New York blueberry buns for guests to try. The winners of the Art Competition were Eugen (Year 6), Jermaine (Year 4), Ruell, Rahim and Zaid (Year 3). They were expert at finding details in the paintings. They all won 10 dollars-- Adrian had to check the exchange rate before they could collect their prizes. The Year 5 stall was great fun!

The Golden Age of Baghdad.

The class were fascinated by all the learning that took place in the Golden Age of Muslim learning in Baghdad. They studied Maths discoveries and brought stories to life by interpreting 1001 Nights! The theme helped the class to look at Islam in a golden light and it taught them all a lot about respect for other religions and cultures. The topic made all of the Muslim pupils proud about their heritage and they loved how other pupils respected their history. The Muslim boys and girls said that the Golden Age was about learning and beauty...not terrorism. Baghdad was called "The City of Peace". Some pupils were shocked at seeing the destruction of history in modern Baghdad by the Islamic State. They said Islam was about learning and they felt part of their class . In fact, some said that the work had made them feel much more confident in the UK.

Thank you letter about Science.

Quarry Mount Primary,
Pennington Street,
April 2nd.

Dear University,

We (Abdullatif and Adam) truly enjoyed the science fair.
We loved how organised it was with the science jackets, the safety goggles and the latex gloves.The helpers were quick and enthusiastic. We were exited by the range of activties. Finding the DNA in strawberries was awesome. We enjoyed learning how the honey bees made honey. It was fun testing the differences between acids, alkalis, and neutral.
The activities were in the middle so as we didn’t get bored with things that were too difficult or to easy. The CSI activity was a good example! The people were kind, open intelligent and  always ready to help.
Thank you for inviting us to the science fair because the quality and experience was excellent. Thank you for helping us enjoy learning more about science.
The morning was fun, fantastic and fabulous!

Science is funtastic, far-reaching, phenomenal in what it does in the world!

From Adam and Abdullatif.
Zeena's poems show why we love reading books. Her poem is a ghazal, a poetry style written by Islamic poets in the Golden Age of Iraq.

Books are Something Else.
Reading is a magical life in books.
I cannot survive without reading books.
Enchantments are hidden in the bookshelf
When I am not reading the book.
My gleaming eyes open to wonder
When I turn the page of a book.
Illustrations sew through the cover
Into the pages, to the back of the book.
Adventures and detailed artistry,
Magic and mystery spread out of each book.
The dark chamber of words
Unlock emotions in a book.
Emotions, Zeena, flow through the chapters
And switch on imagination in the book.

You can read more on the Headingley Lit Fest blog. Have a look...please.

Poetry Master Class

After 3 weeks of writing and persevering at our work, we presented our poems to parents and special friends. Our audience was about 35 people. James and Matthew, our poetry tutors, told us about the number of drafts they did before a poem was "finished: about 10 drafts! We managed 5 drafts! Our parents were really proud of us. And we were proud too.

Commercial Art

Leeds are building a new shopping site called Victoria Gate. It will cost £152 million pounds. Year 5 and Year 6 have been working with the Art College to produce designs for the project. Our design brief was "Shopping in the Future". We hope that Hanson's, the managers of the project, will like our visions of the future. Our designs will be used on boards around the site which will take 2 years to complete.

The Library Bus at Last!

Last summer, Year 5 advised the library service on the books they wanted to read. There were old favourites like Jacqueline Wilson and new writers like Chris Bradshaw. As a treat, the library gave us a sneak preview of the newly designed and painted library reading bus. If something truly happens it is called "literal". The bus literally shook as we went from one side to another and found interesting books!

Science and Discovery

In Science this term, we have been studying forces such as gravity, upthrust, friction and resistance. We did a lot of learning from one another. We worked in groups and asked questions and found out if our answers were true. Sometimes, our science didn't work out! We looked at the history of science and Aristotle, Galileo, Newton and Einstein.

More Publishing and Reading!

Joel, Rupa and Ryan worked so hard on Basquiat that they wanted to publish their own books. They created books in their own time. They shared the class book with their parents and got comments. Their parents wrote blurbs for each of the books. When they received their books..from the USA...they were overjoyed. Here they are reading their books before they took them home to share with their parents. They are the first pupils ever in the school to publish their own books.

An Anglo Saxon Christmas

We told the story of Beowulf and the Nativity for our Christmas concert. Ryan and Joel wrote the script and used Old English kennings. J R R Tolkien opened the concert. He was Professor of Anglo Saxon at the University of Leeds and lived near to our school in 1920. We told the Nativity in the original Old English -- our teacher can read Old English. Everyone helped with our concert and it showed what we had learnt in History.

The Great Anglo Saxon Bake Off

Year 5 cooked Anglo Saxon food to see what it tasted like. They tried toasted. barley bread with mackerel. It was scrumptious! Then they had a Bake Off. The recipe was Anglo saxon fruit cakes made from oats and dried fruit and honey. (Sugar didn't exist in the C5). Team 1 made juicy cakes, but they didn't stick together. Team 2 made sweeter cakes, and they stuck together, but they burnt them like King Alfred! The group was very good at following instructions and measuring-- but they mixed on the heat, which was wrong. The fruit cakes were delicious...even the well-cooked ones. And they were very healthy. Most Anglo Saxons were vegetarians. The group changed the recipe to see if that helped the sticking together. They were very good at talking about measures.

NSPCC Thank you visit from Lyn.

The whole school raised money to help Childline. We don't like bullying in school and decided we would do something to make life better for children who are bullied. Childline is very important because it allows children to talk about problems in private. In Year 5, we all took part and earned our NSPCC support badges. We organised a day of gymnastics where we gained points and points were turned into money. Rupa performed an amazing splits rotation! Aminah is the sliding splits queen! Hayatullah can slide on his head! Lavell is master of the double back flip! Abdullaif did an awesome forward roll series! In fact, everyone put in maximum effort! We won the award for best class participation. Small amounts soon add up! We counted out our scores and sponshorship and were amazed that we had raised 80 in our gymnastic lessons.


Today, we took part in an Animation Workshop. It was imaginative and great fun. We learnt how to use stop animation to tell funny stories about dinosaurs. You have to take a lot of photos to makes a few seconds of film. We really liked the software and found it easy to operate.

Excited about books

Here we are getting ready for our 2014 Bookfair. We found lots of interesting titles, fact, fiction, cartoons and things to do!

Problem Solving in Mathematics.

Here we are working with Mrs Smith on our Agreed Expectations: number values.

Podcasting about Basquiat

In Computing we created our own podcasts about Basquiat. Listen to one by clinking on a link below.

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How to Read a Neo-Expressionist Painting.

Reading and Art When Basquiat was Samo, he didn't call himself an artist. He called himself a writer. This was typical of graffiti artists in 1970s New York. Later, Basquiat saw himself as a reader-artist. His artworks are stories and poems. You have to read him. The most difficult book on Basquiat has just been published in the USA. It is called "Reading Basquiat." That is such as good title! It describes the artwork of Basquiat perfectly. In class, we have been reading Basquiat-- we can read paintings now that even the USA professors can't read... We might write to them and tell them our discoveries.

2014 Lantern Trust Finalists and Winners.

It was a great competition with many successes. Hayatullah scored the first goal of the whole competition. Ryan managed his special angle shots and used them to score. Kymani was silent and deadly. Adrian blasted a goal from point-blank range. Lavell was unstoppable and gained a hat-trick in the competition. Joel scored and did some important defending with his head. The two teams scored 20 goals altogether! Ellis was brilliant in midfield and Tigran, Adam, Raqib and Simeon were successful all-rounders. Our two goalkeepers, Joseph and Charlie were hard to beat. BUT it wasn't all about the boys! Indeed, Rupa and Zeena and Maria were athletic and always tackling in midfield. Laura, Nicole and Yosan were super defenders and Amirah stopped some key balls from opposing teams. It was a fantastic team effort. The competition was played with spirit and fairness, as football should be played.

Boxing with Basquiat

Basquiat did a famous poster with Warhol. It plays with words. Boxed in. Thinking outside the box. Jack in the box. Box camera. Boxing meant many things to Basquiat. We posed and modelled in PE, then created photos in Art. We tried to show humour, playfulness, mindfulness, fake aggression. We are going to turn our photographs into posters. Basquiat is fascinating and we love reading his paintings.

Scary Day

We dressed up as Devils, Demons and Dangerous Creatures to raise money for charity. Our costumes were extreme!

The Crown (A Poem about Basquiat).
My ideas are freethinKING when I’m confident.
My pens are always marKING ideas in my art.
My mind is heartbreaKING when my girlfriend leaves me.
My hands are cracKING because my art is hard.
My fingers are always shaKING because my ideas are complex.
My life is panicKING when someone dies.
My mind feels anger when someone is attacKING.
My bones are breaKING with stressed-out work.

Basquiat Art

Year 5 are studying the Art of Basquiat. 4 pupils looked at his version of the Mona Lisa and painted themselves as the famous Madonna in the style of Basquiat .They are funny and clever: read the symbols if you can.

Reading Triumph

Thank you to everyone from Lloyds who came every week to help us read. A big thank you to Rosemary who was a star and helped us so much. Her encouragement was priceless!

Drawing with Chris Mould.

On Wednesday, June 4th, all of Year 5 went to the Central Library to see Chris Mould. He is an author and illustrator. To begin with, Chris Mould told us about writing, his interests and achievements. He was entered for the Kate Greenaway Medal! Then, he read us a story and showed us how to draw. We were really happy when we received a free drawing by him. Back at school, we had our own competition...how to copy his work. Mohamed won the competition and the framed picture of Chris Mould's dragon. His drawing was a good copy of Chris Mould's drawing at the library, with lots of other funny ideas, like smelly pirate socks. Now, we need to read some of his weird and mysterious books!

Dear Harry Owen and Jack Phipps,
                        Thank you for coming to Quarry Mount Primary School. Thank you for teaching us never to give up. Practice makes perfect. And thank you for demonstrating your impressive back flip and listening to our questions. Thank you for showing us how to jump over pupils and teachers.
                        Thank you for signing Year 5’s artwork. It took us one whole day. Thank you, Harry, for telling us about you gymnastics and the pommel horse. Thank you, Jack, for talking to us about your highest pole vault and explaining it is made out of bendy carbon fibre.
                          Thank you for teaching us all the exercises and organising us in the hall so as we had fun. We felt very confident about doing all the sport activities.
Thank you for coming all this way for us. We would like to see you again,
                                                Bethany, Zaeem, Oliver and Devontai.
Dear Jack Phipps,
                        Thank you for coming to Quarry Mount Primary School. It was very enjoyable and we learnt a lot. We really liked your entertaining skills and questions you answered. It was great having you as a valued visitor to our school.
                        We learnt that gymnastics gives you energy and makes you healthy We learnt that gymnastic moves are elegant and advanced. You made us learn that in gymnastics we should always try extremely hard and never give up. We learnt about healthiness too: we should eat lots of fruit and vegetables and get lots of sleep. Thank you for telling us about the pole vault, how it can break easily, but danger is part of the excitement. It’s amazing that you can jump higher than our hall.
                        We enjoyed all the skilful demonstrations, the backward flip and the diving forward roll. We really enjoyed the part when Harry jumped over the teacher!
                        In the future, I would like to be a gymnast (Rooa). I’d like to do floor gymnastics (Hanan). I’d like to try the parallel bars and be professional at that (Yesani). I’d so like to be in the Olympics in 2024 (Mohamed). I’d like to try the rings and be in the Olympics too (Michael).
                        Thank you for coming,
                                    Hanan, Rooa, Michael and Yesani.
Dear Harry Owen,
            Thank you for coming to our school. We all learnt that gymnastic skills help you in life. We enjoyed your sensational demonstrations and the fast front flip and the powerful back flip that you showed us today.
            We would like to get better and try the skills that you showed us. We hope that you enjoyed your visit to the school and might come again.
            It was a wonderful day because we have never met an international athlete before. Thank you for coming to our school and filling the whole place with joy. Please come again and show us more skills.
                                    From, Ahmed, Joshua, Hafsa and Razan.
Harry Owen and Jack Phipps come to school.

We had a special visit by 2 international sport stars. It was an exciting time indeed! Rufaidah did a portrait of Harry Owen...as a thank you from the whole school. Harry is going to put it into his bedroom. Year 5 wrote thank you letters and created a display to remember the day. Here are some photos of the athletic event.

Here comes the reading bus!

Library Bus Consultations. Year 5 were asked to give their views on reading so as the new library bus would be stocked with exciting books which children would want to read. See the news page for more details. WE ARE PUTTING OUR PEACE BOOK IN THE BUS TOO...WE'VE SENT THE LIBRARY A PARCEL!

More about Reading!

The whole class have been reading The Way of the Warrior by Chris Bradford. He is an exciting author: Mrs Gough is now on Book 3 of the series and can't stop reading! The class wanted more, so next they're reading The Way of the Sword. The books are all about honour and respect and the way of the samurai. Chris Bradford has other interesting books. Some pupils have been reading Gamer and some are starting his ninja series. The class hopes to write to Chris Bradford and show him photos of their DT animated books.


To celebrate World Book Day, Year 5 made a visit to Waterstones. It was a really enjoyable trip. Every child spent their bookday voucher and came back with another reading book to support their reading. The more humorous books were popular. Some pupils sought out their own specialist interests. Ahmed found another book on his hero Ronaldo. Josh found a great book on the war and The Blitz. Michael and Mohammed received book prizes for the most sensible behaviour in public places. The staff at Waterstones were really kind and give biscuits and juice to everyone and said how Year 5 were so enthusiastic and friendly and fun!

Park Running for Sports Relief

Altogether, Year 5 and Year 6 ran 114k or 75 miles for Sports Relief. It was hard and fun!

Poetry Workshop.

Headingley Lit Festival 2014 sponsored a poetry workshop with James Nash, a wonderful poet from Leeds. Kadija and Rooa took part in the workshop. They wrote poems about survival...work inspired by a strange yet beautiful terracotta head. The poets presented their work to a select audience. It was a magical event!

Poetry Writing for Armistice Day.

A great piece of work by Oliver.

Lantern Festival 2013

Year 5 attended the Lantern Peace Festival in Woodhouse.

Book Fair 2013
National Film Festival

We dressed up for the film festival at Hyde Park Cinema: it was national dressing up day. We loved the cartoon called Ernest and Celestine.