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Wonderful workers

In Year 5, we always try our best. Here are some photos of doing some fantastic work from this half term.

Spectacular Science

We love doing Science work with Mrs Smith. Here are some photographs from one of our many fantastic experiments.

South African fabrics

As part of our D.T work this half term, we researched geometric South African patterns & used this research to design and paint our very own patterns. We think we did a fantastic job! We hope you agree.


In Year 5 this year, we have begun learning to play clarinets. We are really enjoying it so far and we can all already play an E note independently!

Lovely Literacy

For one of our hook lessons this half term, we roleplayed as the children in our “Journey to Jo-burg” class reader. We imagined how it must have felt to set off on a daunting journey for a difficult reason. We also ate oranges and imagined it was our first time tasting them, like Naledi and Tiro. This helped us to write our own story.

World War 2

Year 5 visited Lotherton Hall for a WW2 evacuation role play day. We had an amazing time. We hope you enjoy the photographs!

Art Exhibition

We recreated some of 'Gerard Sekoto's' portraits. We sketched the picture and used oil pastels to colour.

Science trip

Year 5 attended a Science discovery trip at Leeds University. We had a fantastic time and learned a lot! Here are some pictures of the experiments we took part in.


Year 5 have been designing and creating their own pancake recipes.

James Nash

This half term, some children from Year 5 have had the amazing opportunity to work with the poet, James Nash. They wrote some fantastic poems about Beowulf and performed them to the class and parents. Well done Year 5!

Day 4 - Welcome to your home.

Today the chicks have been moved into their own home. In their home they have newspaper, sawdust and a light bulb to keep them warm. This needs changing twice a day so it doesn't get smelly. We also need to feed the chicks twice a day and change their water. We have special helpers to do this every day. The chicks are so cute, they love falling asleep then waking each other up with their chirping. We absolutely love having them in our class.

Day 3 - They've arrived!

Today we were welcomed to class by the arrival of our first chick. We decided to call him 'Uno', which means number 1. Throughout the day a total of 11 chicks hatched, 5 boys and 6 girls. We know this because the boys are yellow and the girls are brown. We are still naming them all but so far we have Uno, Hero, Fluffy, Melody, Mabel, Alvin, Dipper and Amber. We have got 3 chicks that still need names. Do you have any suggestions? Our chicks must stay in the incubator for 24 hours. When they are dry and fluffy we can move them into their own home with food and water. We love our chicks so much. Here are some pictures! From Year 5

Day 1 - The Journey of our Chicks.

We have just welcomed 12 eggs into our class. At the moment the eggs are being kept in a special incubator so they are nice and warm. The eggs might hatch on Wednesday and Thursday, it is very rare for any of them to hatch on Friday. Unfortunately, not all of the eggs will hatch but we are wishing and hoping that at least 5 do. We are really excited and have already been thinking of some names for them. Keep reading our blog to find more information about the journey of our cute, little chicks! By Arwa, Yafet and Mohamed.