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Jorvik Viking Centre

On Tuesday 16th May, Year 4 visited the Jorvik Viking Centre in York. We heard lots of Vikings sagas, featuring the Viking Gods Loki, Odin, Thor and Freya. We also found out about Vikings in York and what a real Viking street looked like along with getting to hold real Viking artifacts, including a stone for sharpening a sword, which was over 1000 years old! Finally, we found out about how Vikings used money and how much silver coins were worth. We had a fantastic day!

Leeds Rhino Takeover Day

We had an amazing time when Leeds Rhinos came in to teach us some rugby techniques! Have a look at our album to see all of the fun we had!

Yummy Ice Cream!

In Spring 2, we made some yummy vanilla ice cream using milk, ice, vanilla essence and salt. We had to shake everything together in a big bag. We made a bit of a mess, but it was worth it when we were able to eat our delicious ice cream at the end!

World Book Day!

Wow! What a fun day we had in Year 4 on World Book Day! The children came in some fantastic outfits and we read some of our favourite class book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. We had a brilliant time guessing who everyone was. Have a look at our pictures and see if you can guess who people are dressed as!

Dogs Trust

On Monday 27th February we were very lucky to get a visit from a very special dog, Winnie, and her owner Laura-Jane. We learnt all about how to act around a dog and recognise when a dog is feeling happy or sad. We also learnt how to stroke a dog properly and we got to stroke Winnie. She was very friendly and loved giving us kisses!

Art Gallery Trip

On Thursday 26th January, Year 4 visited the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery for lots of artistic fun. We made some interesting prints, used different techniques to draw, used felt to make some quilt patterns and even created our own painting potions!


What an exciting day in Year 4! We received a letter from the mean professor of potions at Hogwarts, Professor Snape. He asked us to make some potions, following the instructions very carefully. We made a jumping potion that made you jump 10 feet into the air! We also made a disgusting potion which made big, green boils grow on your face (bleurgh!). After all of the hard work, we were able to experiment with different ingredients and create our own perfect potion!

Roman Trip!

On Tuesday 29th November, Year 4 visited Leeds City museum to find out about the Romans. We had so much fun looking at the different Roman artefacts and we even tried on some Roman armour! During our trip, we also explored the other museum exhibits. We found out all about animals and their habitats by looking at the stuffed animal exhibit and also explored other ancient civilisations! We had so much fun!

European Day of Languages

On Monday 26th September, Quarry Mount celebrated the European Day of Languages. Year 4 were looking at Spain! We watched videos of Flamenco dancing and the Pasa Doble. We also learned how to say 'hello' and 'my name is'! At the end of the day, we all made Spanish flags.

Year 4

Before the summer, Year 4 had a party like no other! Instead of cakes and biscuits, Year 4 celebrated the end of the year with lots of fruit and vegetables. This gave us so much Food Dudes special energy for all of the dancing!

More Gardening Club!

Year 4 enjoyed even more gardening before the summer holidays! They had lots of fun and even had a picnic with Mrs Morritt!

Return of the planetarium!

After last year's success, the planetarium visited Quarry Mount again! Year 4 found out lots of new information about space and space travel. It was so exciting sitting inside of the planetarium, although is was a bit dark! We even got to watch a NASA rocket go to space, it was so loud! We have lots of new facts about space that we can't wait to share with everyone.
Gardening Club

4 children from Year 4 have been enjoying gardening with Mrs Morritt to make sure that all of the pots around the school are filled with beautiful flowers ready for the summer!

Viking Artifacts!

We were extremely luck and were given some Viking artifacts for a whole half term to discuss and explore. They were really interesting and we had lots of fun using our imagination to think about what they were used for!

Amazing Artists - Take Four!

For our final art gallery experience, the staff and the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery visited Year 4 in school to teach us about sculpture making. We used lots of different materials and experimented with them to make interesting sculptures that could be a talking point. We had lots of fun!

Boy Under the Bed

On the 5th May, Leeds Theatre in Education brought a play to Quarry Mount. Year 4 really enjoyed watching the play and we managed to to get some interesting discussions out of the themes.

Mobile Library

We all we able to choose a book each from the mobile library that visited school. There was so much choice! In a few weeks, we will be able to take the books back and choose another!

Scrap Sheds

We have so much fun creating models and structures using all of the scrap shed materials. Using our imaginations we created a rocket ship, a car and an ice-cream truck!

Rainbow Song - British Sign Language

Watch us sign The Rainbow Song! Maybe you can sing a sign along with us! We learnt how to sing this song and spell our own names during Diversity Week

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Leeds Rhinos!

On Wednesday 24th March, we had loads of fun when Leeds Rhinos came in to do some rugby with us. We learnt some rugby techniques and we even met Ronnie the Rhino during our assembly!

Proof of the Pudding

Year 4 visited Leeds University for the Festival of Science. It was so much fun! We were concentrating on 'Melt in Middle' M&S chocolate pudding and how it's made. We took part in different experiments that the food scientists would have done, designed our own puddings and we even got to taste the delicious pudding at the end of the day! It was delicious!


In Year 4 we love playing the ukulele with our music teacher, Mrs Dawson. We alternate between playing the ukulele and the recorder. So far, we have learnt 'Lean On Me' and 'Cheerleader'. We are now learning 'Hot Cross Buns', ready for Easter!

World Book Day

Year 4 came to school in some fabulous outfits for World Book Day. Here are some of the outfits from our class!

Amazing Artists - Take Three!

On Thursday 3rd March, Year 3 and 4 visited the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery for their third and final workshop. We concentrated on sculptures this time. We looked around the university campus at the sculptures they have there and then headed back to the gallery to make some 3D sculptures of our own using different materials. It was a brilliant day!


On Wednesday 2nd March, Year 4 visited Eureka in Halifax. We had a wonderful day looking at all the amazing facts and we played with all sorts of amazing activities! We also learnt about Tim Peake, who we have been learning about it school. It was such a fun day!

Amazing Artists - Take Two!

On Monday 8th February, Year 4, along with Year 3, visited the Stanley and Audrey Burton gallery for a second time this academic year. This time we were concentrating on printing. We used lots of techniques using ink to print in different ways onto paper. We also looked at patterns using blocks. We went to the Marks and Spencer's Company Archive on the campus and looked at lots of interesting fashions from over the years! This helped us to create our own block prints using repetition, rotation and reflection. Overall we had a brilliant day and can't wait to visit again for a third time later on in the year!


One of the main weapons that Romans used were catapults, so this week, Year 4 have been making their own! Unlike the Romans, we made our catapults out of marshmallows and skewer sticks, so we could eat them afterwards! After we had all made out catapults, we had a competition to see which catapult had the best aim. It was so much fun!

Roman Museum Trip

On Thursday 28th January, Year 4 visited Leeds City Museum for a special workshop on the Romans. We found out about how long ago Romans were in Britain and we even got to hold some real Roman coins that have been found by archaeologists! We learnt about what Roman soldiers wore when they went into battle and we made our own Roman helmets. It was an extremely fun day!

Amazing Artists!

On Monday 7th December, Year 3 and 4 visited the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery at Leeds University. We learned lots of fantastic techniques and made wonderful pieces of art work that we brought back to school. We even made our own sketch books! We had a really fun day and can't wait to visit again in 2016!

Making Burfi!

For our topic this half term, How Do We Celebrate at Quarry Mount?, we have been concentrating on Sikhism. We thought about food Sikhs might eat at a celebration and decided that we would make some sweets to serve at a Sikh New Year party. We researched different sweets and decided to make burfi, a sweet in which the main ingredients is coconut. We made maida burfi, coconut burfi and carrot burfi. They were really yummy!

Science Day

In October, Year 4 did a Science day! Our topic was states of matter and we completed lots of experiments that looked at different states of matter. We went out into the nature garden to see what solids, liquids and gases we could find. We then chose different items in the nature garden that we thought might float of sink in water, ready for another experiment. When we came back inside, we predicted the freezing time of different liquids. We also made boats using paper to see how well they could float on water! We had a brilliant day!

Learning all about our Solar System

On the 24th June, Mr Read, a planetary astronomer, visited school with his portable planetarium. Year 4 and 5 got to go inside and learn all about our Solar System and our Galaxy. It was so much fun!

Our Reading Corner
Gurwara Trip
The Edge

Every Friday, Year 4 walk to The Edge at Leeds University. Here, the children are receiving some fantastic swimming lessons. We also do PE while we are here, and due to access to an amazing dance studio! Because of this, we are doing Zumba as our PE topic, and we are having lots of fun learning dances to 'Waka Waka' and 'Roar'. Have a look at the pictures of us practicing our zumba and having some fun at The Edge!

Tropical World

On Tuesday 23rd September, Year 4 visited Tropical World in Roundhay Park. We had so much fun and got to see lots of interesting creatures in their habitats. We have used our trip to help us write about some amazing animals in Literacy and learn more about Habitats in Science. We also had the chance to go to Roundhay Park where we had our lunch, played team building games and even went on the play area!

Animal Poems

Year 4 have had a brilliant start to the new term and we have started our new Literacy topic, poems, by thinking about how we can describe animals. We had lots of fun using our bodies to describe different animals, concentrating on our facial expressions and body language.

Our award-winning art!

Our brilliant pictures, inspired by American artist Shepard Fairey, won Year 4 a prize at the Leeds Lantern Learning Trust exhibition. Well done everyone!

Y4 Spellings - wc 24.2.14

Spellings for letter strings containing 'igh' Please learn your spellings - there will be a test on Friday.

Parents Evening - Thursday 3rd April

Find your slot for Parent's Evening here. If you are unable to make this time, please see Mr Kucharczyk!

The Great Christmas Caper!

Year 4 showed their fine qualities in a Christmas treasure hunt. Through six tough activities they worked, each time getting a piece of the treasure map. But was it that simple.....? No chance! Completing the map was only the start. Where on Earth is that treasure hidden? Congratulations to our winning teams! 1st Place - Stephen, Rupa and Maria 2nd Place (by 10 seconds...) - Joel, Amirah Y and Taylor

Year 3 and 4 - Hansel and Gretel

The children showcase their singing, dancing and acting skills AND escape the clutches of the wicked witch in our performance of Hansel and Gretel. Well done to everybody for their hard work!

Forest School - Week 4

Our final Forest School adventure of 2013 was another lovely day in the forest. This week's challenge was to build homes for the woodland animals of Meanwood, who have been tragically left homeless by last week's Great Storm (ahhhhh). The homes were fantastic and set apart from the rest with some sparkles of luxury woodland living. Jacuzzis, swimming pools, TVs and football pitches were all designed and built - a soothing jacuzzi is EXACTLY what a stressed homeless squirrel needs. Finally, we put our properties on the market and sold them for the right price using that AAA+ currency of the forest: acorns. Going once, going twice, SOLD to Yosan for 20 acorns!

Forest School - Week 1

Forest School begins and Year 4 finally get their hands dirty in Meanwood Park. After weeks of anticipation about cold, rain and cheese sandwiches, we all had a fantastic day out in the wild, wild woods. I was particularly impressed with the shelters the children built using ropes and tarpaulins. It is amazing what you can build if you need somewhere cosy to eat your lunch! Great teamwork and some very impressive knot tying to keep those shelters up. Well done everyone..... and the cheese sandwiches weren't bad either. I can't wait until next week!

Origami birds - 15.11.13

This year, we are taking part in the European Christmas Decoration Exchange. We will make decorations and cards to send to other schools in Europe to show them how we celebrate Christmas in Britain. The origami birds we have made look ready to fly!