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The Sound Collector

We have recently been looking at poetry in our Reading lessons, with a focus on performance poetry. This meant we had to think about: volume, tone, action and intonation. Here's a clip of Shara and Harry during their very first practise of The Sound Collector. Haven't they done brilliantly?

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Making Totem poles

Our current Topic is Native American Indians, meaning we had the chance to create Totem poles from clay in our Art lessons! We enjoyed moulding the clay into different animals / faces that we felt reflected our personalities - just like the Native Americans used to do!

Flat Stanley!

We began our new writing topic on letters recently, with a letter from Flat Stanley serving as our model text to emulate. To help get us excited for our new learning we made our Flat Stanley puppets!

Victorian Dolls

In our D.T lessons last half term we made Victorian-style dolls! In Victorian times, many children had to make their own dolls to play with... so we decided to have a go at making our own too!

ICT suite

We enjoy using the ICT suite to help us when researching new topics. We used the suite to help us to learn more about Emmeline Pankhurst the suffragette and David Douglas the

Year 3 Summer Timetable

Here is our timetable for the Summer term. Though our lessons sometimes move around slightly based on necessity, we stick to the timetable as much as possible.

Stained Glass windows

Today we took home our stained glass windows which we created around Christmas time as a link to our 'Christmas around the World' topic. We loved having them on display in our windows but it was time for us to take them home!


This half term our Science topic had been plants. We have learned all about how plants grow and have even planted some tomato seeds of our own! We have also used the idea of plants and seeds in our Literacy stories.

Trip to the Abbey House Museum

Year 3 went on a very exciting trip to the Abbey House Museum. While we were there we helped cracked a murder mystery case by: taking fingerprints, investigating clues and thinking analytically. Later in the day we got to explore the Museum in small groups where we learned lots about Victorian toys to help us with this term's D.T project.

Our Classroom

We update our classroom every half term to fit in with our learning. Here are some photos of our Victorian themed book corner and topic display, as well as some of our other working walls. We hope you like them!

Dodgeball Competition!

At the end of March, half of Year 3 attended a Dodgeball competition held at Little London Primary School. All of the children played extremely well and showed good sportsmanship. Both teams got to the semi finals, with one securing second place for Quarry Mount!

Leeds City Museum Trip

Year 3 went on a wonderful trip to the Leeds City Musuem in January. While we were there we learned all about the Ancient Egyptians and even saw a real life mummy!

Trip to the Art Gallery

Year 3 and 4 went on a trip to the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery. On this trip the children: created sketchbooks, imitated the artwork of key artists and created a giant group drawing!

French puppet workshop

Year 3 had a French Puppet workshop to help them build up their knowledge of key French vocabulary. We had lots of fun creating our own puppets out of newspaper!

Bouncy Castle!

We had loads of fun playing on the bouncy castle!

Quarry Mount's got Talent!

Three acts from each class were chosen to take part in Quarry Mount's got Talent. In our class we had children singing Horrid Henry, break dancing and children who made up their own 'Best friend song'. All the children were fantastic!


This half term the children have been learning all about plants. In Science they have been labelling the different parts of a plant, and they have even planted their own bean plant. In English we have been reading the traditional tale 'Beauty and the Beast'. We have made links in our learning and created some beautiful pieces of Art. We hope you like them!


Year 3 had the chance to take part in a Bikeability level 1 course. The course consisted of learning how to ride safely and independently. Some children began to learn about signalling and riding one handed. The whole class showed perseverance and focus throughout the week. Well done Year 3!

The York Chocolate Story

In Year 3 we have been lucky enough to visit 'The York Chocolate Story'. We learnt all about the History of chocolate, the origin of chocolate factories in the UK and even had the opportunity to design and create our own edible wall paper and chocolate bar. We had a fabulous day!

Our Favourite Author

In Year 3 we have enjoyed reading a variety of books written by Roald Dahl. Our favourite story so far is 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.


This week we have been learning how to write instructions. We have written instructions for 'How to make the perfect porridge for Goldilocks', 'How to catch Little Red Riding Hood' and 'How to make a basket for Little Red Riding Hood'. We followed the instructions and made our own baskets for Little Red Riding Hood.

Reading Corner

In Year 3 we have a very special reading tree. Every time we read a story, we write the title on an apple and attach it to our tree. We have already read 37 stories! Our challenge is to get up to 50. Keep reading year 3... We can do it!

Key Stage 2 Sports Day

A warm but cloudy day which allowed everyone to enjoy the day. Lots of different activities to do in a circuit during the first session. That was followed by races such as running, egg and spoon and sack race. It was really good fun!

KS2 Sports Day-Tug of War

The tug of war activity was really hard work but good fun.

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Working with the PDC Team

The Pupil Development Centre (PDC) who are based in our school, worked with the Year 3 children and their parents over several weeks in the Spring term. They played circle games and team challenges to help promote co-operation, organisation and teamwork. Several parents came to join in activities with their children and demonstrate skills such as taking turns, good speaking and listening skills, working with other people and having fun! It was really great to have support from those parents who attended.

Durham maths with year 5

This is a research project which Year 3 have been doing with Year 5. The Year 5 students have been talking to Year 3 about maths and helping them to solve calculations. This helps Year 5 develop their language and understanding of different concepts and the Year 3 children benefit from being taught and supported by the Year 5 children. Both classes have really enjoyed the experience and have worked well together.

Reading Corner/Library Area-Summer 2014

This is our newly made reading corner in our classroom. We have new carpet, cushions, decorations and some lovely books from the Library Service.

Our Classroom - June 2014

Reading has been a key focus for this year and we have been trying to promote the fun and enjoyment you can get from reading.We have lots of exciting displays in our classroom and a lovely book corner with nice, bright cushions and even some teddies to cuddle! There are special dual language books ( English and Arabic versions); graphic novels; stories where the reader decides the ending; non-fiction books linked to our topic and stories which we have borrowed from the Library Service. There is even a big reading display in the hall, linked to the World Cup. So many different things to read, ideas for encouraging reading and ways of sharing reading skills- check it out!

Pizza Express Visit-13th May 2014

What a fantastic trip! Year 3 learnt all about the different ingredients which can be used to make pizzas. They witnessed the chef, Selim, throwing the pizza dough around and spinning it on his hands, stretching the dough to make it bigger. The children learnt how to stretch the dough carefully by using their fingertips. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed making their own pizza- even the teachers! What was even better was that each child got to take home their pizza to share with their families.

Pizza Express Visit-13th May 2014

Selim shows us how to stretch the dough! We weren't as confident so stretched it in a dfferent way.

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Sky Sports "Spirit of Life" Competition-May 2014

Years 3 and 4 went to Leeds University to take part in a series of new sports including- judo, cricket, rugby, volleyball, dodgeball, and basketball. They were put into mixed teams and competed against other schools. Our school won the main trophy " Spirit of Life" for excellent teamwork, participation and determination! Hurrah!

Amina Does Judo ( year 4)

Amina tries out a new move and shows her year 3 and 4 team members how to throw a man down!

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Judo Moves

Year 3 and 4 tried out some judo moves at the Sky Sports "Spirit of Life" Games- May 2014

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Meet A Creature Visit-Spring 2014

We had a great time when the Rainforest animals came to visit year 3. It was fantastic to be able to see a gecko, chameleon, snake and tarantula so close. There were lots of creatures and most children and staff were brave and lucky enough to be able to hold them. A few people were a little frightened but did manage to overcome their fear and touch the snake or lizard. Dean was friendly and told us lots of funny stories about the animals as well as interesting facts. We hope he can visit again soon.

Our Problem Solving Maths Challenge

We had great fun solving maths problems with Mrs Richards.

Christmas 2013

Our preparations for our decorative glitter bowls and Christmas decorations.

Aboriginal Rock Art- Autumn term 2013

We looked at Aboriginal people and lifestyles and learn a lot about their beliefs. These are cave paintings which we re-created using pastels.

Aboriginal Art Work-Autumn 2013

We used paint to create these wonderful Australian animals in the style of aboriginal art work. Do you recognise any of our favourite animals?

Our Class

We used pastels to create self-portraits for our 'Guess Who?' wall.

Art Work- summer term

We created art work using fruit and vegetables in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We also created papier mache sculptures of sportspeople including footballers and ballerinas. We are painting and decorating them in these pictures.